Swazi Plaza: Your Cold Busting Companion in Winter

”The light of winter is the poetry of patience.” – unknown

There is nothing that can compare to the convenience of centralised services as we navigate the depths of winter because they make it simple to scurry around and find everything you need to lift your spirits. From cozy coffee shops that offer warm beverages, meals, and comforting treats to department stores filled with endless rows of cozy sweaters and blankets, these centralised services become havens of solace during the cold winter months. The convenience they offer allows us to quickly gather the essentials needed to create our own sanctuary amidst the chilly surroundings.

Hearty Meals

This time of year, it’s all about wrapping up warm and spending time in spaces that feel like home, whether you’re by yourself, on a date, or with your family. Delight in the easygoing ambiance and hearty fare offered at any one of our many restaurants, most of which are open for dinner and provide excellent service. Try out some Asian cuisine at Fisherman’s, or have a feast with the whole family by ordering a variety of dishes from Spur, Cuba Nora, Pizza Club, Galitos, or Ocean Basket, just to name a few.

Easy Remedies

By arming yourself and your home with the necessary protection against the flu and colds now, you can avoid having to schedule any doctor’s appointments during this time. You should get your daily immune system boosters and prevention medication, like vitamins, from either Clicks, Sheba Pharmacy, or Philani Pharmacy. This makes it possible to easily access medications that provide quick relief. In addition to medication, there are also several easy remedies you can try at home to alleviate symptoms and boost your immune system. One popular remedy is to drink plenty of fluids, such as warm water with lemon and honey, to soothe a sore throat and stay hydrated. Another effective remedy is to inhale steam with essential oils like eucalyptus or peppermint, which can help clear congestion and ease breathing. Additionally, incorporating immune-boosting foods into your diet, such as garlic, ginger, and turmeric, can provide natural defense against viruses. Our convenience store at Shoprite, along with the pharmacies, has all this and more.


When presented with so many options, it can be difficult to settle on the best one. Over fifty discount stores catering to your winter comfort and style can be found in the Swazi Plaza. You can protect yourself and your loved ones from financial stress by taking advantage of online and in-store discounts during this time of year. In need of some athletic equipment to improve your morning runs? You can get your daily dose of fresh street style from a wide variety of retailers, including Mr. Price, Jet, Pep, Total Sports, Footgear, SportScene, Studio88, and many more. Edgars, Markham (for the gents), Contempo (for the ladies), and a few boutiques all around the Plaza have everything from winter boots to elegant coats to keep you looking sharp even when it’s chilly outside. These stores provide a wide variety of warm clothing for the house, including robes, hats, fluffy socks, and much more, perfect for combating the chilly weather.

Stay warm at home

Trying to keep warm at home? Allow us to assist you in doing so by providing you with heater fans, heaters (both gas and electric), electric blankets, kettles, water bottles, and a multitude of other items, all of which are available at Shoprite and Clicks. It is not necessary to look any further than our Home and Decor outlets such as Mr. Price Home and Sheet Street in order to find fluffy and warm items such as blankets, throws, and a wide assortment of other items.

Nothing but convenience with everything you need under one roof! All at Eswatini’s largest shopping centre, Swazi Plaza, where we have something for every season and for everyone!


A Father’s Love…Language

” This is for every father-figure out there, we say Thank you.” – the World 2023


Father’s Day was made popular in the early 1900 through one daughter to a single father of six children. Fast-forward to 1972 on the date, 18th June, it was declared a nationwide holiday in America honoring fathers and to this day we proceed with this tradition for all our father figures worldwide.

This special day we set aside to show appreciation towards the dads in our lives who ensure our protection in society and also provide exceptional leadership roles as guidance in the world we grow and live in. This year we embrace these heroes by speaking their language, love language with a squeeze of multiple ideas to which we may say “Thank you, Siyabonga for being a wonderful father.”

Here at the Swazi Plaza through the years, we have prided ourselves in providing the most supreme gifts and services during such grand holidays for our patrons and customers. With this we have also introduced interactive activities-competitions- to allow our shoppers the chance at gifting their loved ones without the hustle of financial restrictions. This year we have themed up the Father’s Day holiday with much excitement with incorporating Love Languages. Follow the read and find out how we did. 

Acts of Service

A simple thoughtful gesture goes the distance and that is what this love language is all about. Allowing your father to kick back while you dash around the Swazi Plaza for those last-minute priorities. AmaWashWash is ready to take care of cleaning dad’s car while you move around. Keep in mind kicking away Monday blues with freshly folded laundry and crisp suits from our laundry services from Burmac.

Gift giving:
All things right at your door step. From electronics to trending high-end fashion clothing and jewelry, we have you covered. Keep a look out for our winter specials in store to help you make the most out of an affordable yet precious gift set. Don’t forget, plant dads are also fathers and we have just the right place for them too. Pots and Garden Deco Center provides awesome plants and their respectable needs-cute pots and healthy fertilizers to make sure that their babies are in great shape.

Quality Time
If your dad enjoys a modest time spent around family, our food court is at your service. Granted a beautiful assortment of eateries one may suggest breakfast, lunch or dinner without the hassle of washing the dishes after. View the full list of eateries here.

Words of affirmation:
What better way than to share a heartfelt message in the words of your loved ones with something you may cherish for a longer period of time. Cardies has a lovely range of playful cards and thoughtful gifts to choose from. This way dad gets to hold on to the words from  lover. Team that up with a snuggle fleece to keep him warm through the winter and trust us, it will be one for the books. Remember to take your time.

Thank You for shopping with us.

We Have Something For Every Expression of Love

In this month of love we’ve created the perfect gift guide based on the universally known 5 Love Languages to help you get the right gift for your partner, loved one and yourself! We know the 5 Love Languages to be:

1. Words of Affirmation
2. Quality Time
3. Acts of Service
4. Gifts &
5. Physical Touch

While a box of chocolates is appreciated, but we’re here to help you get a personalised gift that will make their heart go “tigigigigi” 🎶

1. Words of Affirmation

Words of Affirmation are a great way to make someone feel seen and validated. Think of all the things that make your partner or loved one special and put them in a thoughtful card. If you haven’t quite the words to say, Cardies has a wonderful collection of cards and small gifts that say all you’d like to say but can’t quite express. A picture may say a thousand words, but words are etched in your heart for an eternity.

2. Quality Time

In our busy lives we often don’t have much time to relax and fully dedicate to ourselves and the ones we love. Quality time can be the best gift of all. At the Plaza you are spoiled for choice as we have close to 20 eateries that cater to different tastes. You can book a dinner reservation at your favourite of our eateries. If you’d like to spend some quality time at home, you can order a takeaway. Have a look at our list of eateries here🔗: Swazi Plaza Eateries

We will also be hosting an event on Valentine’s Day, Tuesday, February 14th for the 🔴 lovebirds, the 🟢 single and looking to mingle and the 🟡happily single. There’s something for everyone 🌹 More details on our event on our Facebook and Instragram Pages.

3. Acts of Service

There’s nothing quite like a kind gesture to let them know you’re thinking of them and know them well. Make Valentine’s Day, and everyday special with a beautiful bouquet of roses or their favourite flowers. Our Florist has you covered. Make sure to place an order for the 14th early to not be disappointed. Want to go the extra mile? Have a recurring weekly order to keep your love alive.

Are they a plant lover? Find out their favourite plants or plants on their wishlist, Pots & Garden has a large collection of plants to choose from. Let the plant and your love grow 🌱

Are they a homebody? Do they need something to liven up their home? Visit our homeware stores Mr. Price Home, Sheet Street and many more to pick a furniture piece, artwork or home accessories that they can look at daily and remember you fondly.

4. Gifts

Now this is a love language we’re all very familiar with. There’s nothing like a thoughtful gift to mark a special occasion. We have over 60 clothing stores (Swazi Plaza Clothing Outlets) for the fashionista in your life, jewellery stores and pop-ups for a gift with a bit of sparkle that will fit any budget, and for the lover of all things tech, we have our gadget stores (Swazi Plaza Cellular and Electronics Outlets) with everything from smartphones, tablets, laptops, tech accessories, and content creator equipment for the creative in your life. To seal the deal on those gifts you can have them expertly wrapped at Cardies, or personalise your gift wrapping with the assortment of gift bags and wrapping paper at Cardies, PEP, Shoprite & Clicks.

5. Physical Touch

Touch helps people feel loved and appreciated. Why not get that someone special, or treat yourself to an aroma therapy gift set of face masks, scented lotions and body bath items at Clicks? Edgar’s has you covered with luxury perfumes to add that personalised touch to the self-care gift, let every garment the perfume touches be a reminder of you.

Looking to make this year the best Valentine’s Day? Don’t go any further than the Plaza, we have something for every expression of love.

Get the most out of your Festive & Christmas Shopping – 6 winning tips

For most of us, the prospect of shopping during the Festive Season, especially around Christmas, comes with mixed feelings of excitement but also anxiety. Leveraging experience and customer insights, we’ve compiled a list of 6 winning strategies to help you get the most out of your shopping experience by maximising the excitement and minimising anxieties.

When one thinks about shopping during the Christmas period, a lot comes to mind.  Some of it may be positive, but most often than not, there are concerns around finding time, enduring long queues, scouting for the best deals and the inevitable prospect that the desired products may be out of stock.

The good news is that there are methods that you can use to overcome these hurdles and make your trip to town a worthwhile experience.  Building on our previous article on improving your Shopping Experience, here’s our list of 6 winning tips:

Get Organised

Tip #1 – Make a list and budget accordingly.

The value of drawing up a comprehensive list of your needs and wants is the foundation for any effective shopper.  Thankfully, your smartphone can replace pen and paper, helping you make interactive lists that are always a few clicks away.  Suppose your smartphone doesn’t have a dedicated application for notes (or you don’t like the default option), check out your app store for a range of free and paid options.

The other key component of your shopping list is budget considerations.  With January around the corner, along with non-negotiable expenses like school fees, Christmas shopping should be well planned.

Tip #2 – Stay connected to your favourite stores.

Once again, your smartphone can act as your assistant in the quest to conquer Christmas shopping! Use it to stay in touch with your favourite retailers through online platforms (social media & website) and have direct access to a whole host of information, from operating hours to the hottest specials and everything else in between.

Tip #3 – Beat the rush – timing is everything.

When it comes to timing your Christmas shopping, the earlier, the better. An early-bird approach is likely to decrease the chances of long queues and unavailability of products. You will also have the time to look for the best deals on gifts and revise your list if necessary.

If possible, make arrangements to shop in the morning. Shoppers have consistently acknowledged this benefit, mainly that your mind and body generally function at optimal levels in the morning.


 Visiting a Shopping Centre/Mall

Tip #4 – Safety first.

Your safety, along with your family, personal belongings and cash should be a top priority whenever you are out shopping. Extra caution should be exercised during the Festive Season – looking out for pickpockets and scammers who are known to target unsuspecting shoppers. Practical examples of essential safety measures are:

  • Avoid parking in secluded areas and be aware of your surroundings as you enter or depart your vehicle.  Car jamming has been on the rise and can be prevented by double-checking that doors are locked before walking off.
  • Identify the location of the mall’s security office or police post and save phone numbers in your contact list.  If you are shopping with children, ensure that they know the mall’s security personnel’s uniform and have your phone number in case of an emergency.
  • Protect your handbag or wallet by keeping it as close as possible and ensure that bags and pockets are securely zipped/buttoned up.  Use your phone sparingly to avoid distractions that can cause you to let your guard down.
  • Where possible, minimise carrying large amounts of cash and use a debit/credit card or mobile money services.  Stay alert during withdrawals at the ATM and don’t forget to hide your PIN code with your free hand when punching it in.

Tip #5 – In-store catalogues & specials.

Connecting virtually with stores is only half the job. When you are at your favourite store, make sure you keep your eyes open for in-store promotions and sales to get more value for your money. Take advantage of price catalogues that some retailers place at the entrance and make sure to take a copy home. It will be helpful when you draw up your next shopping list. 

Online Shopping

Tip #6 – Stay one step ahead when shopping online.

We now live in a world where you can buy products and have them delivered to your doorstep – thanks to online shopping or e-commerce.  Unfortunately, an increasing number of people and companies are looking to deceive and steal your hard-earned cash.    Here’s how you can avoid the pitfalls:

  • Get in touch with your bank for the latest guidance on online shopping safety measures, along with the features and limitations of your debit/credit card.  Make it a point to regularly check your transaction history and bank statements to ensure that no unauthorised payments were made. 
  • Check that you are shopping from a trusted online site or boutique.  Carefully read the customer reviews and payment/delivery terms and conditions.  If you have a friend or relative that has successfully bought from the store, ask for their help on the first transaction.
  • Always have security top of mind.  Install reputable anti-virus/malware software on your phone or computer, scrutinise links received on social media or email, avoid shopping while connected to public Wi-Fi/hotspot and create strong passwords for your accounts.
  •  Knowledge is power – share lessons, insights and safety measures with those around you, including children who are connected online.  Finally, remember the golden rule before providing your personal or banking information online:  if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

We hope these 7 tips will transform the way you shop and most importantly, keep you safe on and offline.  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter for more similar content and specials from over 200 stores at our Shopping Centre.

We wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – from all of us at the Swazi Plaza. 🎄❤

Top 3 tips and habits to improve your Shopping Centre Experience

A trip into town to do shopping doesn’t always have to be daunting and exhausting.  If you try out the tips below, you will experience things from a different perspective and become a better shopper!

Chances are that you visit a Shopping Centre at least once a month – for some even more frequently.  If we are being honest, most of us don’t look forward to these visits.  We think about the time it takes out of our schedule, the long queues or finding that our favourite product is out of stock.  Understandably, this makes the whole experience stressful before you even get started. 

What if we told you that there are 3 ways that you could improve your experience when you are out shopping?  The good news is that a little preparation before your next visit into town will drastically change your mindset and mood – making it a worthwhile activity that you can look forward to.

Let’s go through each of the 3 tips and habits…

Tip #1 – Make a list

The value of drawing up a comprehensive list of your needs and wants is the foundation for any effective shopper.  When done ahead of time, it gives you the chance to put some thought into it, align it to your budget and get the input of those you live with.  Thankfully, due to technological advancements, your smartphone can replace the pen and paper method for making lists.  If your smartphone doesn’t have a dedicated application for notes (or you don’t like the default option), there’s plenty of choices in your app gallery.

Finally, Phatsa Sakho Nawe and make sure to pack your reusable shopping bags before leaving home. A small individual action on your part has a big impact on protecting the environment through reducing single-use plastic bags in the Kingdom.

Tip #2 – It’s all about Timing

The time of day when you embark on your shopping duties has a direct effect on the quality of your overall experience.  Shoppers have consistently acknowledged the benefit of starting in the morning and there are good reasons for this.  Firstly, in the morning, your mind and body generally function at optimal levels, making it the ideal time to visit the stores and have the energy to get things done.  

The additional benefit of an early timeslot is the minimal foot traffic that you are likely to encounter, which means less crowded spaces and shorter in-store queues.  All these factors also contribute to improving your state of mind, knowing that you will be able to complete your shopping needs and still have the rest of the day to make other plans with family and friends.

Tip #3 – Stay connected with your favourite stores

Once again, your smartphone can act as your personal assistant in the journey to being a better shopper!  Use it to stay in touch with your favourite retailers through social media and have direct access to a whole host of information, from operating hours to the hottest specials and everything else in between.

Connecting virtually is only half the job.  When you are at your favourite store, make sure you keep your eyes open for in-store promotions and sales to get more value for your money.  Take advantage of price catalogues that some retailers place at the entrance and make sure to take a copy home.  It will be helpful when you draw up your next shopping list!

Bonus Tip: Continue to take the lead in protecting yourself and others from COVID-19

Shopping can often be a fast-paced and frantic activity, often in crowded spaces. Although the Kingdom has eased COVID-19 restrictions to Adjusted Risk Level 0, it’s essential to uphold measures (such as testing or wearing a mask) when experiencing flu-like symptoms and vaccination remains encouraged.

There you have it, the top 3 (and bonus) tips and habits to transform you into a more effective and responsible shopper! In the spirit of staying in touch and putting your smartphone to use, follow us on FacebookInstagram and leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear and learn from the shopping tips that have worked for you.