”The light of winter is the poetry of patience.” – unknown

There is nothing that can compare to the convenience of centralised services as we navigate the depths of winter because they make it simple to scurry around and find everything you need to lift your spirits. From cozy coffee shops that offer warm beverages, meals, and comforting treats to department stores filled with endless rows of cozy sweaters and blankets, these centralised services become havens of solace during the cold winter months. The convenience they offer allows us to quickly gather the essentials needed to create our own sanctuary amidst the chilly surroundings.

Hearty Meals

This time of year, it’s all about wrapping up warm and spending time in spaces that feel like home, whether you’re by yourself, on a date, or with your family. Delight in the easygoing ambiance and hearty fare offered at any one of our many restaurants, most of which are open for dinner and provide excellent service. Try out some Asian cuisine at Fisherman’s, or have a feast with the whole family by ordering a variety of dishes from Spur, Cuba Nora, Pizza Club, Galitos, or Ocean Basket, just to name a few.

Easy Remedies

By arming yourself and your home with the necessary protection against the flu and colds now, you can avoid having to schedule any doctor’s appointments during this time. You should get your daily immune system boosters and prevention medication, like vitamins, from either Clicks, Sheba Pharmacy, or Philani Pharmacy. This makes it possible to easily access medications that provide quick relief. In addition to medication, there are also several easy remedies you can try at home to alleviate symptoms and boost your immune system. One popular remedy is to drink plenty of fluids, such as warm water with lemon and honey, to soothe a sore throat and stay hydrated. Another effective remedy is to inhale steam with essential oils like eucalyptus or peppermint, which can help clear congestion and ease breathing. Additionally, incorporating immune-boosting foods into your diet, such as garlic, ginger, and turmeric, can provide natural defense against viruses. Our convenience store at Shoprite, along with the pharmacies, has all this and more.


When presented with so many options, it can be difficult to settle on the best one. Over fifty discount stores catering to your winter comfort and style can be found in the Swazi Plaza. You can protect yourself and your loved ones from financial stress by taking advantage of online and in-store discounts during this time of year. In need of some athletic equipment to improve your morning runs? You can get your daily dose of fresh street style from a wide variety of retailers, including Mr. Price, Jet, Pep, Total Sports, Footgear, SportScene, Studio88, and many more. Edgars, Markham (for the gents), Contempo (for the ladies), and a few boutiques all around the Plaza have everything from winter boots to elegant coats to keep you looking sharp even when it’s chilly outside. These stores provide a wide variety of warm clothing for the house, including robes, hats, fluffy socks, and much more, perfect for combating the chilly weather.

Stay warm at home

Trying to keep warm at home? Allow us to assist you in doing so by providing you with heater fans, heaters (both gas and electric), electric blankets, kettles, water bottles, and a multitude of other items, all of which are available at Shoprite and Clicks. It is not necessary to look any further than our Home and Decor outlets such as Mr. Price Home and Sheet Street in order to find fluffy and warm items such as blankets, throws, and a wide assortment of other items.

Nothing but convenience with everything you need under one roof! All at Eswatini’s largest shopping centre, Swazi Plaza, where we have something for every season and for everyone!