” This is for every father-figure out there, we say Thank you.” – the World 2023


Father’s Day was made popular in the early 1900 through one daughter to a single father of six children. Fast-forward to 1972 on the date, 18th June, it was declared a nationwide holiday in America honoring fathers and to this day we proceed with this tradition for all our father figures worldwide.

This special day we set aside to show appreciation towards the dads in our lives who ensure our protection in society and also provide exceptional leadership roles as guidance in the world we grow and live in. This year we embrace these heroes by speaking their language, love language with a squeeze of multiple ideas to which we may say “Thank you, Siyabonga for being a wonderful father.”

Here at the Swazi Plaza through the years, we have prided ourselves in providing the most supreme gifts and services during such grand holidays for our patrons and customers. With this we have also introduced interactive activities-competitions- to allow our shoppers the chance at gifting their loved ones without the hustle of financial restrictions. This year we have themed up the Father’s Day holiday with much excitement with incorporating Love Languages. Follow the read and find out how we did. 

Acts of Service

A simple thoughtful gesture goes the distance and that is what this love language is all about. Allowing your father to kick back while you dash around the Swazi Plaza for those last-minute priorities. AmaWashWash is ready to take care of cleaning dad’s car while you move around. Keep in mind kicking away Monday blues with freshly folded laundry and crisp suits from our laundry services from Burmac.

Gift giving:
All things right at your door step. From electronics to trending high-end fashion clothing and jewelry, we have you covered. Keep a look out for our winter specials in store to help you make the most out of an affordable yet precious gift set. Don’t forget, plant dads are also fathers and we have just the right place for them too. Pots and Garden Deco Center provides awesome plants and their respectable needs-cute pots and healthy fertilizers to make sure that their babies are in great shape.

Quality Time
If your dad enjoys a modest time spent around family, our food court is at your service. Granted a beautiful assortment of eateries one may suggest breakfast, lunch or dinner without the hassle of washing the dishes after. View the full list of eateries here.

Words of affirmation:
What better way than to share a heartfelt message in the words of your loved ones with something you may cherish for a longer period of time. Cardies has a lovely range of playful cards and thoughtful gifts to choose from. This way dad gets to hold on to the words from  lover. Team that up with a snuggle fleece to keep him warm through the winter and trust us, it will be one for the books. Remember to take your time.

Thank You for shopping with us.