RFP 01 of 2023/24: 


    • Proposals are invited from legally-established professional consulting firms to provide the following consulting services (hereinafter called “Services”): Provision of Professional Consultancy Services to develop Swazi Plaza Properties’ 20-Year Development Masterplan. More details on the Services are provided in the Terms of Reference (Section 7). Bonafide Proposals should comprise the following:
        • Original receipt from Swazi Plaza Properties as proof of purchase
        • Professional indemnity insurance cover, issued by a reputable insurer of an amount of not less than E5 million
        • Evidence that the annual average financial turnover of the firm during the last 7 years, ending 31st March 2022, was not less than E2 million
        • Certified copies of the relevant company registration documents
        • Certified copy of a trading licence or equivalent;
        • Certified copies of the company’s shareholding/director’s portfolio
        • Certified copy of valid VAT registration certificate
        • Power of Attorney – Resolution of Board of directors
        • Audited Financial Statements for the past three (3) years,
        • In the case of a joint venture, a copy of the joint Venture Agreement or written confirmation of the intention to enter into a Joint Venture Agreement;
        • Declaration Of Eligibility
        • Certificate Of Acquaintance with RFP Documents
    • The RFP document, in English, may be purchased by interested eligible Consultants upon payment of a non-refundable fee of E5,000.00 (five Thousand Emalangeni only). The method of payment will be by EFT, payable to Swazi Plaza Properties using the following banking details: Bank Name: Standard Bank | Name of account:  Swazi Plaza Properties (Pty) Ltd | Account Numbers:  9110003542443| Account Type:  Current Account| Branch Name: Mbabane Branch Code: 663164 | Swift Code: SBICSZMX | Reference:  Company Name(s)         
    • The RFP Document includes the following: Section 1: Request for Proposal Letter | Section 2: Instructions to Consultants and Data Sheet | Section 3: Technical Proposal (FTP) – Standard Forms | Section 4: Financial Proposal – Standard Forms | Section 5: Terms of Reference | Section 6: Forms of contract.
    • Bidders may collect the RFP document together with a receipt as proof of purchase either from Swazi Plaza Properties Offices, at the address given below OR after upload proof of payment on RFP purchase form below.
    • A compulsory pre-proposal conference will be held at the address given below on 16 June 2023 at 1000 hrs (Eswatini Time)
    • Proposals must be submitted to the address given below no later than 14 July 2023 at 1000 hrs (Eswatini time).
    • The Address(es) referred to above is: Swazi Plaza Properties (Pty) Ltd. Office No. NB 03, 2nd Floor, North Block, Corporate Place, Swazi Plaza, Mbabane, Eswatini
    • A firm will be selected under the Quality-Based Selection (QBS) procedures and a Full Technical Proposal (FTP) is required. The resulting contract will be a lump sum contract.
    • Enquiries should be addressed to the Center Manager at centremanager@swaziplazaprop.sz and copy to Facilities Manager at facilitiesmanager@swaziplazaprop.sz.
    • Swazi Plaza Properties (Pty) Ltd does not bind herself to accept the lowest bidder or any tender bid.

    Scope of Service

    •  Swazi Plaza Properties (Pty) Ltd (SPP) is a commercial property company located in the CBD of the capital city of Mbabane. It is the largest shopping Centre in Eswatini, boasting approximately 43,204 square meters of retail space. The purpose of this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) is to procure services of a Consultant for the preparation of a Twenty (20) Year Development Master Plan of Swazi Plaza Properties for the period 2024 to 2044, rolled out in four (4) phases broken down into 5-year periods.
    • The Master Plan seek to address, amongst other, the following:
      • Planned growth of physical infrastructure and land use;
      • Comprehensive analysis of Swazi Plaza leasing and tenancy plan;
      • Comprehensive analysis of infrastructure: Transport networks, water, sanitation, communication and environmental systems;
      • Comprehensive analysis of existing architectural, structural, vehicular and pedestrian circulation networks, sewerage and environmental systems;
      • Prepare designs that take into cognizant the land limitations and technology development;
      • The consultants shall thereafter Design a two (2D) a three (3D)-dimension comprehensive master plan (including a planning/concept brief) covering the proposed infrastructure projects;
        • Anticipated expansion of the Shopping Centre;
        • Anticipated increase in tenant and staff population;
        • Infrastructure requirements, associated infrastructure and other facilities such as internal road network, utilities services among others;
        • Land use planning, zonal planning and urban development associated with Shopping Centre facilities;
        • Infrastructure required in terms of national and international guidelines;
        • Role of the Swazi Plaza Properties in realizing the 20-year master plan;
        • Investment plan for rolling out the master plan in four (4) phases, cost implications and financing options;
    • The total duration of the assignment is five (5) months. The consultant has to submit the final Master plan in line with Eswatini Legislations, including Layout, 2D, 3D views, Zoning, sub zoning, brief of modern and Smart infrastructure etc within the five (5) Months. One (1) Month for the Concept Plan + Three (3) Months for draft Master plan + one (1) Month for Final Master plan from the date mentioned in the contract, as the date of Commencement. The Consultant shall provide commensurate resources for the successful execution of the project within the time frames indicated;
    • More details on the Scope of Works are provided in the Terms of Reference (Section 7).

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