Since the 1980s, the Swazi Plaza has been a constant feature in the Mbabane City Centre, starting as just one building and gradually developing over the years.  Today, the Plaza has transformed into Eswatini’s leading shopping destination, extending to 11 buildings with over 200 local and international businesses. One key aspect of the Plaza’s facilities is the provision of parking for shoppers coming from around the Kingdom and beyond.

Working closely with the official parking partner Interpark, the Plaza’s facilities are safe, affordable, convenient and spacious. From as little as E3 (Free on Sundays and Public Holidays), shoppers have access to 4 floors of 24-hour parking bays (including designated spots for people with disabilities), covering over 20 000 sqm.  To top it off, each floor is under constant surveillance from CCTV cameras, private security personnel, and the Royal Eswatini Police Service members stationed at the Police Post on the ground floor.

Looking at how parking is a shared service used by hundreds of motorists a day, we must work together to increase efficiency and minimise frustrations.

As a mini-refresher course, we’ve compiled a list of some basic pointers that we can all keep in mind while parking at the Plaza. The list is divided into two categories:

The Green Zone – the actions, rules and behaviour that we encourage to ensure that you and others have a pleasant parking experience.

  1. Always park in reverse and ensure that your vehicle is within the parking lines.
  2. Ensure that doors and windows are tightly locked, and remove valuables from sight.
  3. Time your parking to track how much you’ll spend and keep coins handy at the pay station (wrinkled notes may be rejected).
  4. Keep your parking ticket safe and within reach.
  5. Quickly report suspicious behaviour and rule violations to security personnel.

The Red Zonethe actions, rules and behaviour that we discourage to ensure that you and others have a pleasant parking experience.

  1. Parking/waiting in unauthorised spots (e.g., reserved parking) and zones (e.g., pay station) can lead to clamping with a E100 release fee.
  2. Leaving children or pets alone in the car.
  3. Loitering in or out of the car.

To the majority of our shoppers that consistently abide by parking rules and regulations, siyabonga!  To the rest, asibambisane and work together, there’s more than enough space for you in the Green Zone!