Top 3 tips and habits to improve your Shopping Centre Experience

A trip into town to do shopping doesn’t always have to be daunting and exhausting.  If you try out the tips below, you will experience things from a different perspective and become a better shopper!

Chances are that you visit a Shopping Centre at least once a month – for some even more frequently.  If we are being honest, most of us don’t look forward to these visits.  We think about the time it takes out of our schedule, the long queues or finding that our favourite product is out of stock.  Understandably, this makes the whole experience stressful before you even get started. 

What if we told you that there are 3 ways that you could improve your experience when you are out shopping?  The good news is that a little preparation before your next visit into town will drastically change your mindset and mood – making it a worthwhile activity that you can look forward to.

Let’s go through each of the 3 tips and habits…

Tip #1 – Make a list

The value of drawing up a comprehensive list of your needs and wants is the foundation for any effective shopper.  When done ahead of time, it gives you the chance to put some thought into it, align it to your budget and get the input of those you live with.  Thankfully, due to technological advancements, your smartphone can replace the pen and paper method for making lists.  If your smartphone doesn’t have a dedicated application for notes (or you don’t like the default option), there’s plenty of choices in your app gallery.

Finally, Phatsa Sakho Nawe and make sure to pack your reusable shopping bags before leaving home. A small individual action on your part has a big impact on protecting the environment through reducing single-use plastic bags in the Kingdom.

Tip #2 – It’s all about Timing

The time of day when you embark on your shopping duties has a direct effect on the quality of your overall experience.  Shoppers have consistently acknowledged the benefit of starting in the morning and there are good reasons for this.  Firstly, in the morning, your mind and body generally function at optimal levels, making it the ideal time to visit the stores and have the energy to get things done.  

The additional benefit of an early timeslot is the minimal foot traffic that you are likely to encounter, which means less crowded spaces and shorter in-store queues.  All these factors also contribute to improving your state of mind, knowing that you will be able to complete your shopping needs and still have the rest of the day to make other plans with family and friends.

Tip #3 – Stay connected with your favourite stores

Once again, your smartphone can act as your personal assistant in the journey to being a better shopper!  Use it to stay in touch with your favourite retailers through social media and have direct access to a whole host of information, from operating hours to the hottest specials and everything else in between.

Connecting virtually is only half the job.  When you are at your favourite store, make sure you keep your eyes open for in-store promotions and sales to get more value for your money.  Take advantage of price catalogues that some retailers place at the entrance and make sure to take a copy home.  It will be helpful when you draw up your next shopping list!

Bonus Tip: Continue to take the lead in protecting yourself and others from COVID-19

Shopping can often be a fast-paced and frantic activity, often in crowded spaces. Although the Kingdom has eased COVID-19 restrictions to Adjusted Risk Level 0, it’s essential to uphold measures (such as testing or wearing a mask) when experiencing flu-like symptoms and vaccination remains encouraged.

There you have it, the top 3 (and bonus) tips and habits to transform you into a more effective and responsible shopper! In the spirit of staying in touch and putting your smartphone to use, follow us on FacebookInstagram and leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear and learn from the shopping tips that have worked for you.